Mom and Dad’s Guide: How to Organize Pokémon Cards Like a Pro

Pokémon cards aren't just pictures of imaginary creatures. Different generations of children grew up collecting, trading, and playing with them.

So it's common for many to see a Pokémon card collection as a figurative time machine. They can carry you to a time and state filled with fun and childlike wonder.

Like most hobbies, knowing how to organize Pokémon cards can be essential for your little ones. 

If you’re a cool parent looking to gift your kids with an exciting collection, you should learn the best way to sort Pokémon cards. 

In this article, we’ll clear up some of the questions you have in mind on how to organize your child’s Pokémon cards. We'll guide you with tips and tricks on how to sort Pokémon cards like a master battler. 

3 Ways To Categorize Your Kid’s Collection

Organizing Pokémon cards can get slightly out of hand without a strategy. So, the most efficient way to have your children’s cards organized is to have a suitable sorting system. How to sort Pokémon cards depends on the size and purpose of your kid’s collection. 

There are three main categories:

  • Beginner's Collection. Everybody starts here. Typically, beginners own a relatively small pool of about 50 to 150 cards which a single binder can fit. 
  • Player's Collection. Casual and serious players would arrange their competitive decks to ensure they're battle-ready. They aim to keep their go-to cards easily accessible for the next duel. Players would also leave blank binder spaces to make way for cards to finish strategic decks that they're pursuing. 
  • Hardcore Collection. Others simply can't keep themselves from opening booster packs. Hardcore collectors can have up to thousands of cards. They pretty much invented the best ways to organize Pokémon cards due to their mind-boggling collections. 

5 Ways To Sort Your Child’s Pokémon Cards

Sorting tens or hundreds of cards can be quite a task, but it needs to be done. You can help your child sort their cards based on the following five strategies:

1. By Name

Alphabetically arranging Pokémon cards works best for small collections. It helps your child locate specific cards quickly and keep track of the ones already in their possession. 

2. By Number

This method is probably the easiest to follow for children. A Pokémon is assigned a unique number at each card's bottom right or bottom left corner. Sorting with this number helps you and your kid pinpoint which cards are missing in their collection.

3. By Type

Sorting cards based on types could be a go-to grouping system for your kid. It can simplify their competitive deck assembly and battle planning processes. Help them group their cards based on all 18 Pokémon types, including normal, fire, water, grass, electric, and fighting. 

4. By Set

It's estimated that more than 13,000 Pokémon and trainer cards are out there. These cards belong to eight generations of Pokemons from more than 90 sets released between 1999 and 2022. Organizing this way reflects the unique artistic progression and development the game has seen.

5. By Rarity

Another popular way to organize a collection is by arranging cards by rarity. Sorting cards, whether common cards, rare cards, or ultra-rare cards, can help particular collectibles stand out. It's ideal for spotting which ones have low or high trading leverages your kid can use later in their collector’s journey.

 Collection of colorful binders

Keeping Your Young Trainer’s Cards Crisp and Fresh

Several storage options are available to solve your child’s card management needs. Relatively small collections typically require simple 4x4 card binders housing 60 cards each. 

Mini binders can protect Pokémon cards against destructive elements. They'll easily fit inside your kid's bag so they can show off their collection anywhere they please. 

On the other hand, more extensive collections would need standard binders or premium versions for safely storing your Pokémon cards. They provide cards with protective plastic encasements and pages that can keep up to 360 cards or more.

Bonus Hack: To automate the sorting process, have your kid download mobile applications dedicated to cataloging Pokémon cards. Apps like Prodex for iOS and Pokémon TCG Card Dex for Android can help your little card collector. 

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