100 Pokémon Ultimate Rare Cards Bundle
100 Pokemon Ultra Rare Cards Bundle
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100 Pokémon Ultimate Rare Cards Bundle

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5 foil Cards | 5 Rare Cards | 5 Holo Rare Cards | 1 Ultra Rare Cards

  • THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE: This bundle comes with many types of cards, reverse holo common/uncommon, rares, reverse holo rares, holo rares, and ultra-rare cards. The perfect amount of variety. Your cards will be 100% authentic, in great condition, and packaged perfectly.
  • POWERFUL PKMN CARDS: We packed this bundle with a huge HP PKMN. You will receive 2 random V cards, GX cards, or any other type of ultra-rare card with 170 HP or more. They will be tournament ready.
  • ULTRA-RARE PKMN: We make sure our bundle comes with the rarest cards we can find. Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, Typhlosion, Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, Gengar, Arcanine, Blasziken, and many more
  • PKMN BIRTHDAY GIFT: Your kid will jump with joy on their birthday when you surprise them with our cards. You will win the best dad/mom medal.
  • LIGHTING CARD COLLECTION DECKBOX: Your bundle comes with our lighting card collection deck box. Design to protect your cards. Stores up to 60 cards or 50 + sleeved cards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patti Stiles
Lighting card colllection.

Was less than satisfied. The value of the cards did not meet up to the description. Never found that rare card in one package. Haven’t opened the other, lost the interest in the hype that went along with my purchase. Sorry

Richard Myers
Awesome cards

There are a lot of special cards with great designs and themes

Bryan Agnetta
Card contents not up to the rarity I expected

Not bad, but the rarity was not what I expected.

Awesome cards and amazing customer service

I ordered the 100 card bundle and it was such a great deal! I lost my childhood Pokémon card collection and wanted to get some as a gift to myself. I’m happy I did! Pokémon cards are kind of hard to find in my area because they are so popular and these cards came fast and I even got a card from 2015! There were a few cards missing from my pack, but I contacted customer service and they took care of me right away by sending the missing cards and even some extra! 10/10 and I will recommend!