How Much is Blastoise Ex Worth?

Knowing the value of Pokémon cards is crucial, especially if you’re after the coveted cards like Blastoise Ex. Learning what makes a card valuable ensures that you’re not paying too much for cheap or counterfeit cards. 

Blastoise Ex has several variations, with some bearing a rather heavy price tag. So before you open up your wallet, begin by researching some of these options. You’ll need to learn how to identify different promotions, rarity levels, and condition grading.

Read on to learn about Blastoise EX’s value and how to find one for the Pokémon fan in your life. 

Who is Blastoise? 

Blastoise is a fan-favorite character from the first generation of Pokémon. It has appeared in anime, video games, and the trading card game.  As one of the original 3 starter Pokémon, it is one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the franchise. 

Blastoise’s fame grew when it appeared in the original set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TGC) in 1999. Blastoise’s popularity and the rarity of this original set combine to make one valuable card. The Base Set Holographic Blastoise has become a highly sought-after item among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Prints of this card sell in ranges from $111 to $3,029 as of today.

Blastoise EX Pokemon Card Value

The original Blastoise card is usually the most expensive edition, but Blastoise Ex cards are also quite valuable. The “Ex” indicates it is part of the XY Evolutions expansion set released in 2016. This set is now out of print, making its cards all the more rare.

In the actual card game, Blastoise Ex features enhanced abilities that give players an advantage in winning matches. It’s difficult to find due to its rarity, but it is an invaluable addition to any deck.

So, how much is a Blastoise Ex card actually worth? How can you tell if you’re getting a good deal for the price?

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How Much Does a Blastoise Ex Cost?

Pokémon Ex cards are worth quite a bit compared to other cards. However, you won’t need to break the bank to get your hands on one. How much any Pokémon card is worth depends on the card’s condition, its rarity, and the collector’s market.

Card “Condition” means that a card in near-mint condition costs more than one that has been heavily played or damaged. Also, first editions of a card are rarer and are more sought-after and expensive than their later editions. 

The Blastoise Ex cards value changes every day, so it’s a good idea to monitor current price trends. See below some examples of highly graded rare cards and their current selling price

Pokémon Card Name

Graded Blastoise Ex Price 

(estimates are based on prices reported on

Blastoise EX #17

$7 to $88

Blastoise EX #142

$17 to $204

M Blastoise EX #93

$111 to $300

Blastoise EX #92 

$193 to $446

Blastoise EX [1st Edition] #92

$168 to $478

Blastoise EX #XY122 

$28 to $1,000

Blastoise EX #104

$99 to $1,456

The Most Expensive Blastoise Ex Card

The 2004 Fire Red and Leaf Green is currently the most expensive Blastoise Ex card. It was sold on eBay for a whopping $5,200.00 in October of 2020. 

Even cards that are not graded a perfect 10 have decent value to collectors. To get a fair estimate for auction, collectors often send their cards to PSA for grading and authentication. Cards rated anywhere from a 7 or higher are generally considered to be of a sellable condition.

How to Acquire Blastoise Ex Cards

Purchasing Blastoise Ex cards individually can be pricey, as they’re often sold at a premium by collectors and resellers. So, booster packs and bundles are your best and most affordable option.

Booster packs contain a random assortment of cards, which adds to the excitement of the purchase. Alternatively, bundles typically include a predetermined set of cards. Both may contain duplicate cards, but it’s your best chance to get a Blastoise Ex card at a lower cost.

No need to flip a coin! Finding a reputable seller is your best chance to avoid too many unwanted or worthless cards. Some vendors let you choose the ultra-rare card bundles you prefer, while others provide trial periods or satisfaction guarantees. 

Please note that these types of policies may differ from vendor to vendor. Remember to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before making any purchases online.

Catching Your Blastoise Ex Card

A Blastoise Ex card is a wonderful addition to any budding Pokémon trainer’s deck. One day, it may even become a prized possession in their future card collection.

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