Rare pokemon coins
Rare pokemon coins
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Pokémon Coin lot:10 Assorted Pokemon Official Collectible TCG Rare Pokemon Coins

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Your token to thrilling card game events.

Randomize your next TCG battle with official Pokemon tokens and coins. Empower your Pokemon with plastic coins designed exclusively for use with official TCG card collections. Or round out your hunt with pulls that are sure to net high Pokemon coin prices.

Our rare Pokemon coins and Pokemon tokens collection features:

  • OFFICIAL POKEMON COINS: Bring your favorite pokemon coin to battle. Our 10 coin lot comes with Pokemon official tcg coins that are legal to play with in a tournament style match.
  • COLLECT: Our pack is stuffed with many different types of pokemon. Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, Typhlosion, Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, Gengar, Arcanine, Blasziken, and many more POKEMON.
  • COMPLETE: Help your collector find the rarest Pokemon coin to round out their collection. You may discover a core deck’s starter set, rare coins and more.
  • BIRTHDAY GIFT: Your kid will jump with joy on their birthday when you surprise them with our rare Pokemon coins. You will win the best dad/mom medal.
  • LIGHTNING CARD COLLECTION DECKBOX: Your bundle comes with our Lightning Card Collection deck box. Designed to protect your cards. Stores up to 100 cards or 70 + sleeved cards. Keep your theme decks safe with a holster designed for official TCG product.

Turn the Tide in Battle

Leverage our rare Pokemon coins to truly turn the odds in your favor. With the flip of a rare Pokemon coin, you can activate your deck’s effects on your opponent. Unleash a fury attack they’ll never see coming. Discover rare Pokemon tokens from Lightning Card Collection’s collectible box.

Up Your Strategy

A Pokemon coin can do wonders to fake out and effect your opponent’s approach. Pair your rare Pokemon coins with the Trick Coin card from Phantom Forces, which allows for double coin flips. Smart Pokémon TCG players know the luck of the flip is almost everything, but there are ways to boost that luck.

Officially Licensed Pokemon Tokens

Don’t be fooled by fakes or knockoffs. These Pokemon plastic coins were designed to work in concert with the Pokémon Trading Card game. They were obtained as official giveaways at tournaments, the Pokemon World Championships and more.

They are officially licensed by The Pokemon Company for Pokemon TCG. As such, they will work with any Pokemon TCG set or expansion. Use them on the playground or all the way at the Pokemon World Championships and you’ll be just fine!

Hunt for the Rarest of the Rare

Lightning Card Collection is here to help you boost your rare pulls. And this extends from our card boxes to our collectible boxes as well. Every one of our rare Pokemon coins boxes comes with a chance of a rare pull. If you are hunting for that battle academy coin or a flying or surfing Pikachu, you now know where to look!

Lightning Card Collection has the box that just might hold your next rare. Hunt with us to round out your collection.

Pair with Rare Cards

Your rarest Pokemon coins will only dazzle your fellow hunters if you have rare Pokemon cards to go with. But Lightning Card Collection’s got your back with rare coins and rare cards.

Browse our value packs to really maximize your collecting potential. With the help of our ultra rare bundles, you can discover cards you didn’t even know existed! And your rare Pokemon game coins will be a perfect match.

Discover Pokemon Coin Value

As always, Lightning Card Collection is here to help you sort out questions you have about our TCG Pokemon cards and TCG Pokemon coins. Contact us if you have questions about Pokemon coin value and Pokemon coin prices. We can even help guide you on how to play with Pokemon game coins or more.

We believe in full transparency at Lightning. Our rare Pokemon coins collection may look like metal coins, but these are metallic looking plastic Pokemon game coins. But you can be confident these are officially licensed game pieces.

Don’t buy knockoff merch online. Buy Pokemon tokens from Lightning Card Collection and know exactly what you are getting every time.

Customer Reviews

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Krista Barr
Great Price

I am gonna buy from these guys again. I love the fact you can buy just the coins and for the price I'm not complaining. Next paycheck, I'm buying em again.