What is a V STAR Pokemon Card?

Young kids playing with Pokemon cards

You may have heard rumblings about a special "V STAR Pokemon card" that's all the rage. Or perhaps you were lucky enough to recently unwrap a V STAR card in a Pokemon haul. Whatever the case, you're likely wondering, “What is a V Star Pokemon card?”

Dodge that psybeam! There's no need to succumb to confusion. We've got all the answers to the common questions about Pokemon V STAR cards. This way, you can continue your journey toward Pokémon mastery with the right balance of VSTAR cards in your deck.

Let’s jump in and learn more!

VSTAR Origins

Let's not beat about the Wormadam: what is a Pokemon V STAR card? Pokemon VSTAR is a gameplay mechanic that Pokémon The Card Game (TCG) rolled out during the Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion.

The Pokemon TCG card designation is colloquially, interchangeably referred to as "V STAR" and "VSTAR." However, officially speaking, these cards are "VSTAR" cards.

These new VSTAR cards allow players to use a special VSTAR power during a battle. VSTAR moves are mighty powerful. However, they come with a major limitation. Only one VSTAR power can be used per battle, so players must be strategic in how they use them.

V STAR Card Pokemon Stats

Interestingly, unlike maxed-out cards like VMAX and EX cards, VSTAR Pokemon cards come with a hit to their overall HP. Still, that lower HP means a much higher attack strength.

Think of these cards as glass cannons. Specifically, they represent a surefire way to knock out your opponent, albeit with a high risk of being knocked out themself.

V STAR Card Pokemon Availability

As of this writing, there are 172 VSTAR cards in circulation for Pokémon TCG.

But what are some V Star Pokemon cards you should look out for? The Gamer has a list of the best ones, including:

  • Charizard VSTAR
  • Leafeon VSTAR
  • Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR
  • Arceus VSTAR
  • And more.

While not every Pokemon VSTAR card is going to be your team's ringer, some are just awesome. More often than not, they can turn the tide of any battle in your favor. If you ask us, it's certainly worth searching for these rare cards.

V STAR Pokemon Card Price

A common question we're asked is what is a V Star Pokemon card worth. Like all of the Pokémon card collection, there's no single answer to this question. Some Pokémon trading card game cards are just duds, while others are amazingly valuable.

The good news is some VSTAR cards are actually worth quite a bit. Check out some of MoneyMade's most valuable VSTAR card listings for the Pokemon Trading Card Game as of this writing:

  • 2023 Pokemon Sword And Shield Crown Zenith Full Art Origin Forme Palkia Vstar #GG67 (Secret) has an average price range between $31 and $115
  • 2023 Pokemon Sword And Shield Crown Zenith Full Art Mewtwo VSTAR #GG44 has an average price range between $49 and $164
  • 2022 Pokemon Sword And Shield Brilliant Stars Full Art Charizard VSTAR #174 (Secret) has an average price range between $52 and $199

There are loads of others, and even those non-secret forms are sure to be worth more than just the bargain bin rate. The only way to know for sure is to check online marketplaces for the latest values on your V STAR Pokemon card price. And to search your deck, of course.

You might even get lucky and discover one in a bundle from LCC!

Unlock Your Deck's Star Power with VSTAR Cards

There are countless Pokemon V Star cards to discover, so keep on hunting until you find them all. We are confident that with the right VSTAR pulls from a Lightning Card Collection rare box, you'll be nigh unstoppable. With VSTAR cards, you can turn your team into a winning juggernaut. Catch 'em' all today!