Japanese Alolan Vulpix sleeves banned from official play

Pokemon Japan and Pokemon Asia have announced a ban on the Alolan Vulpix sleeves released in Japan on September 2nd 2022. This is due to color variations between different batches of the sleeves. Although not stated, this might allow some players to cheat by marking their cards.

An English announcement probably won’t be made since the sleeves were never sold here. But it’ll probably be a rule included in next year’s Worlds documents.

The Pokemon Company is not accepting returns or exchanges, as the color variation “does not impair the product’s use as a card sleeve.”

The sleeves are not banned from Asia’s local tournaments or Pokemon Gym events. However, Pokemon advises players to ask for permission from organizers before using them. They ask players to “consider fairness, respect your opponents, and use your own responsible judgment.”



The sleeves are officially banned from the following events:

  • Pokemon World Championships
  • Pokemon Japan Championships (Japan)
  • Champions League Tournaments (Japan)
  • City League Tournaments (Japan)
  • League Tournaments (Japan)
  • Lucario HR Contest (Japan)
  • Pokemon Regional League (Asia)
  • Pokemon Town League (Asia)
  • Select events rewarding exclusive collector Promo cards (Asia)