How Much is a Pikachu VMAX Card Worth in 2023?

The Pikachu VMAX card, which debuted in 2020, continues to be a collector favorite.

The notable elements of this card are its unique design and its unbridled power. But despite its rarity, is the Pikachu VMAX card worth anything? Let’s find out.

VMAX Changes

Before we discuss price, it’s worth noting why collectors are drawn to VMAX cards. It’s also worth noting the Pikachu card is not the only VMAX card in the Sword/Shield series.

Taking inspiration from the eponymous video game expansions, the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansion debuted VMAX style cards. These special cards gave both a power and a design boost to certain cards.

VMAX cards offer changes to a Pokemon’s design to favor a larger-than-life look. In Pikachu’s case, the little electric mouse reverts back to his pudgier Gen 1 days when he is VMAXed.

Another cool element of VMAX cards is their immense power.

With the Pikachu VMAX, a player can boost their attack by 150 damage if they expel all energy from this Pokémon. This risk/reward strategy is great for stacked decks.

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Different VMAX Cards

The Pikachu VMAX card comes in numerous varieties:

As you can see, there are lots of VMAX cards to hunt for. And each offers a different aesthetic and different levels of rarity.

On Flying and Surfing Variants

Unlike the other Pikachu VMAX cards on the list, the surfing and flying variants change Pikachu’s elemental move type as well. As you might imagine, the moves follow Pikachu’s new aesthetic:

  • Flying Pikachu gets the electric/colorless move Max Balloon
  • Surfing Pikachu gets the water move Max Surfer

Pikachu VMAX Value

While the Pikachu VMAX cards are relatively rare, their values are average at best. The highest priced Pikachu VMAX card as of this writing is the rainbow Pikachu VMAX #188 from Vivid Voltage. But how much is a rainbow Pikachu VMAX worth? As of this writing, it hovers at about $200.

But what about the variants? While we don’t have time to break down each one, we can address common variants.

How much is a golden Pikachu VMAX worth? It largely depends on card quality and whether it’s a Japanese or western print. But on average, how much is a Pikachu VMAX gold card worth? This card often sees a decent return at about $50 in excellent condition, on average.

So, how much is a flying Pikachu VMAX worth? Expect this card to fetch about $25 in excellent condition.

And how much is surfing Pikachu VMAX worth? This card can fetch up to about $26 in excellent condition.

Find Your Very Own Pikachu VMAX

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