How Much Does 1000 Pokemon Cards Weigh?

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Let’s imagine you’re a pro level collector, having sought all of the best Pokémon cards for yourself. And let’s also imagine your collection is massive, topping a thousand unique cards. Nice haul!

But rather than answering boring questions of value, let’s do the real work and answer the important questions. Namely, if you stacked all those cards together, how much would it weigh.

If you are wondering how much does 1000 Pokemon cards weigh, we’ve got the answers. A Pokemon binder of 1000 cards is easy to weigh if you know the specs.

But before we dive into this thought experiment, let’s first bust out our calculators. It’s time to make math fun.

Pokémon Card Specs

A standard Pokemon card is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. In metric, that’s 6.35 centimeters by 8.89 centimeters.
Obviously, these measurements are for the standard Pokemon cards you find in every pack. There are completely different sizes for other Pokemon card types, including:
  • Miniature cards
  • Jumbo cards
  • Rare cards
  • Promo cards
  • And more.
But for the sake of this thought experiment, we’ll plan to use the standard Pomemon card size.

Just for fun, if you laid out 1000 Pokemon cards on the floor in a grid pattern, you’d need to use a space that is 104 feet by 370 feet!

Pokemon Card Weight

Because Pokemon cards are made from cardboard, they're likely too light to weigh on our bathroom scales. Fortunately, our fellow collectors have done the hard part for us.

According to Wayne Sebastian Pereanu’s Project Arbitrage, there are actually different weights for each Pokémon card. This depends on its card type. Specifically:
  • Normal cards weigh 1.69 grams
  • Holofoil cards weigh 1.93 grams
  • Ultrarare cards weigh 1.98 grams
It’s worth noting that fake Pokémon cards are often lighter than the weights listed above. That is because they are commonly printed on cheaper card stock, when compared with authenticated Pokemon cards.

Using helpful weight data, you can easily calculate shipping costs if putting up 1000 Pokemon cards for sale. Just be sure to weigh the Pokemon binder and 1000 cards separately.

Use Multiply!

Sure, it’s a great move. But we’re talking about your calculator here. To determine how much would 1000 Pokemon cards weigh, simply take the card type and multiply by 1000.

Per the weights above:
  • 1000 normal cards would weigh 1690 grams, or 3.72 pounds
  • 1000 holofoil cards would weigh 1930 grams, or 4.25 pounds
  • 1000 ultrarare cards would weigh 1980 grams, or 4.36 pounds
Obviously, those weights aren’t exactly cumbersome. But it’s cardboard we’re talking about here!

If, for whatever reason, you wanted to put up 1000 Pokemon cards for sale from your collection, rest assured. You can now include their weight in your listing!

Just for fun, let’s imagine what 1000 Pokemon card packs would weigh. Taking into consideration the chance for a rare card and the packaging itself, averages are best. You can expect an unopened Pokemon card pack to weight an average of 28.99 grams.

So, 28.99 x 1000 means your pile of 1000 Pokemon card packs would amount to 28,990 grams, or 63.91 pounds!

Round Out Your Collection Well Beyond 1000

Now that you know how much different cards weigh, you can double check our math.

But regardless, there are well more than 1000 Pokemon Trading Card Games’ cards to collect. Continue your quest toward collecting 1000 Pokemon cards for yourself with Lightning Card Collection’s help. Catch ‘em all today!