What is the Size of a Pokémon Card?

Pokémon is a franchise that crosses many kinds of media: from video games and TV to film. With a fanbase so wide, it is no surprise that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is equally popular. 

These collectible cards have become a cultural sensation to fans and collectors alike. The size of the cards plays an important role in their popularity and usage. Read on to explore the dimensions of Pokémon cards and learn why their size matters to collectors, players, and enthusiasts.

The Standard Size

The Standard Size of Pokemon cards are 2.5 inches × 3.5 inches (6.3cm × 8.8cm). This is also the standard size for most trading cards, such as Magic the Gathering or sports cards. 

This standard sizing is essential as it lets collectors know measurements for easy storage, display, and organization. The compact size of the cards makes them portable for tournaments, trade events, or showing off your favorite cards to friends.

Jumbo Cards

As promotional and collector’s items, The Pokémon Company also releases Jumbo Cards. As the name suggests, jumbo cards are quite a bit bigger than the standard Pokémon card size. 

There are two different sizes of jumbo cards depending on the year they were released.

Jumbo Cards printed from 2000 to 2020 measure about 5.7 inches x 7.87 inches (14.5 x 20 cm).

However, the new Jumbo Cards, printed from 2020 to 2023 are slightly smaller. They measure about 5.37 inches by 7.37 inches (13.65 x 18.73 cm)

Why Does the Size of a Pokémon Card Matter? 

Hand drawing cards from a deck

The standard sizing of Pokémon cards allows them to be used with all of the accessories designed for card games. Sleeves, deck boxes, binders, and storage cases are all common ways to store any kind of trading cards.

This standard helps you know that your cards will fit into your accessories without having to break out a ruler. It also makes it easy to store any other cards that you might want to collect alongside your Pokémon cards.

Collecting and Displaying

For many collectors, Pokémon cards are more than just playing cards. They can be cherished childhood objects that hold a lot of sentimental value. The consistent size of the cards allows for consistency in display options. 

Card collectors can use things like albums, binders, or display frames to showcase their collections. The standard size of the cards lets them know exactly how big their displays need to be. 

Also, the size of Pokémon cards is important in getting them graded for auction. Grading is how collectors rate the quality and condition of a card for sale. When cards are graded they are packaged and preserved based on the standard sizing of trading cards. 

Gameplay and Tournaments

Beyond collecting, Pokémon cards are also used for gameplay and competitive tournaments. The standard size helps establish fair play and consistency during matches of the game. Players are able to easily shuffle their decks, draw cards, and organize their playing area the same way every time. 

In organized tournaments, this also eliminates any advantage that might come from variations in card sizes. For example, someone might cheat by having important cards slightly different in size from the rest of their deck. 

Filling Out Your Collection

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