5 Mysterious Mountains Pokemon Cards That You Absolutely Need

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Mysterious Mountains is a Japanese expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). The expansion was released in 2002 and saw an English variant by the name of Skyridge.

Interestingly, the expansion was designed to work with Nintendo’s e-Reader peripheral for the GameBoy Advance. As another fun fact, it was the last Pokemon TCG set to be released by Wizards of the Coast. Soon after, the series transitioned to The Pokemon Company International in 2003.

The Mysterious Mountains Pokemon card list featured 91 unique Pokemon cards. But while not all of those cards are winners, there are a few rare and desirable pulls among the bunch. Here are five of the best cards from the Mysterious Mountains card list:

5. Skyridge Celebi

This secret rare card features the mythical grass Pokemon in all its glory. It offers original artwork and an amazing set of abilities, including Empathetic Healing and Mind Bend. As of this writing, a PSA 10 print of this card will net between $2,000 and $3,500.

4. Skyridge Gengar

Another perennial favorite, Gengar has long turned the tide on many TCG battles. And the psychic-type card for the Mysterious Mountains expansion is no different. This card features an artwork aesthetic straight out of the original anime series. It is sure to scratch that nostalgia itch.

A mint version of this rare holo card can net worth of $1,500 in the right selling conditions.

3. 1st Edition Crobat

If you're like us, you’d likely expect a mythical, legendary, or Gen 1 Pokemon on this list. So we’re as surprised as you are to see the humble Crobat on this list. But the first edition of this odd Golbat evolution seems to be quite valuable. PSA 10 instances of the first edition going for around $1,800.

2. 1st Edition Gyrados

This popular Gen 1 Pokemon card has earned its place with a timeless design and impressive abilities. Both its normal and holo variants are worth a pretty penny. Plus, look at this terrifying card artwork!

As of this writing, the Mysterious Mountains variant of Gyrados is worth about $1,000 at PSA 10 level.

1. Charizard

Did you expect anything else? Charizard is a fan favorite, and this continues in the Pokemon Mysterious Mountains / Skyridge expansion.

His #89 card features a striking original design, with the fire dragon’s clutched claws mid-swipe. And with both Fireblast and Dragon Tail at his disposal, watch out. This Pokemon Mysterious Mountains card is sure to be a powerhouse in any deck!

What’s more impressive is the card’s rarity-to-value ratio. While a good number of PSA 10 cards were produced (226), the card is still insanely valuable. Consider this:

· Its raw price can be anywhere between $700 and $1,200, depending on condition

· A PSA 10 holo card can net around $11,000

· A PSA 10 normal card can net around $14,000

Truly, this is the rarest and most valuable of the Pokemon Mysterious Mountains expansion. When hunting for rares among the Pokemon Mysterious Mountains card list, consider this one your holy grail.

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